Why Automate Your Window Shades

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A lot of homeowners is now making an effort to automate their home because a smart home offers tons of benefits. For instance, a smart home has a higher selling value if compared to a conventional home. Automating your window shades is one of the many automation ideas that you can consider. Read on to find out the benefits of automated window shades.


This is the most obvious advantage of automating your window shades. You no longer need to stand up every time you want to open or close your window shades because you can effortlessly do it with a click of a button.  Better yet, you can install an application on your phone that would let you control your window shades.

Cost Efficient


It could not be denied that automating your window shades or your home, in general, is a bit costly. However, it can be economical in the long run because automating your window shades will help you cut down electricity costs. This is because automating your windows shades will enable you to prevent heat gain in the summer months as well as heat loss in the winter months. To maximize its energy saving feature, ensure that your window shade system is incorporated into your HVAC system.

High Windows

Automating your window shades will be to your advantage if you have hard to reach windows in your home. Obviously, it is difficult to close or open your window shades if you have high windows. However, you can easily make changes if you can control it via remote control or a phone application. It can also help you if you have a heavy window shade since you no longer need to struggle every time you need to close or open your window shades.

Safety Purposes

window curtainAnother essential benefit of automating your window shades is the added safety in your property. You no longer need to worry if you need to be away from home for a couple of days because you can remotely control your window shades to make changes even if you are not present at home. Hence, you can make it appear as if someone is in your home.

You will also not worry about your kids getting tangled or tripped by a cord since your automated window shade is already cordless.

In summary, automating your windows shades is a wise move because it has tons of benefits. As a matter of fact, the benefits mentioned above are only some of the many benefits of automating your window shades. Bear in mind though that you can only take advantage of the benefits if you make an effort to find a reliable electric shades installation New York company. For this reason, always do your homework before deciding on which installation company to hire. Make sure that the company you choose has what it takes to install an automated window shade that will serve its purpose.…